99 Media without a home yet

99.2 Visualizing Linear Models: An R Bag of Tricks

99.3 For new programmers learning keyboard shortcuts


99.4 Are you a student? If yes, this is the best data science project for you

99.5 rstudio is magic

99.6 automation quote

99.7 How computer memory works

99.8 Is Coding a Math Skill or a Language Skill? Neither? Both?

99.9 Quantum Computers Explained

99.10 The Rise of the Machines – Why Automation is Different this Time

99.11 Emergence – How Stupid Things Become Smart Together

99.12 How not to ask for help

99.13 The Birthday Paradox

99.14 Why can’t you divide by zero?

99.15 Yea he’s chewing up my stats homework but that face though

Yea he’s chewing up my stats homework but that face though… from r/CatsBeingCats

99.16 Coding Kitty


99.17 Democratic databases: science on GitHub

Nature:Democratic databases: science on GitHub” (Perkel, 2016).

99.18 Ten simple rules for getting started on Twitter as a scientist