81 Welcome to Base R and Simulating Data

This module is designed to introduce you to the key ideas behind simulating data. In essence, we are making our own data instead of using someone else’s. Eventually, there will be video lectures. Once those videos exist, please watch the videos and work your way through the notes. The videos will eventually start on the next page. You will eventually be able to find the video playlist for this module here. The slides used to make the videos in this module will be able to be found in the slides repo.

81.1 Module Materials

  • Slides from Lectures
  • Suggested Readings
    • All subchapters of this module, including
    • R4DS
      • TBD, including
        • [TBD]
        • [TBD]
  • Activities
    • [TBD]
  • Lab

81.2 Estimated Video Length

No of videos : TBD

Average length of video : TBD

Total length of playlist : TBD