18 Welcome to the tidyverse!

Welcome to the world of data wrangling and the tidyverse! This module is designed to guide you through the essential process of transforming and reshaping raw data into a more usable format. As you’ll soon discover, data wrangling is a crucial step in the data pipeline and plays a vital role in ensuring that your data are of high quality and ready for analysis.

You’re in for an exciting journey as you learn about your data and discover how to avoid biases and misunderstandings due to poor data quality. The best part is, getting started is easy! Simply watch the instructional videos and follow along with the accompanying notes. The video playlist for this module can be found here, and the slides used in the videos are available in the slides repo. To start watching the videos, simply turn to the next page and dive in!

18.1 Module Materials

18.2 Estimated Video Length

No of videos : 8

Average length of video : 14 minutes, 11 seconds

Total length of playlist : 1 hour, 53 minutes, 34 seconds