89 Shiny Resources

Shiny is a very popular package and has lots of resources on the web. Here’s a compiled list of a few resources I recommend, which are all fairly easy to read and understand.

89.1 Awesome add-on packages to Shiny

Many people have written packages that enhance Shiny in some way or add extra functionality. Here is a list of several popular packages that people often use together with Shiny:

  • shinythemes - Easily alter the appearance of your app (cran).
  • shinyjs - Enhance user experience in Shiny apps using JavaScript functions without knowing JavaScript (cran; GitHub).
  • leaflet - Add interactive maps to your apps (cran; GitHub).
  • ggvis - Similar to ggplot2, but the plots are focused on being web-based and more interactive (cran).
  • shinydashboard - Gives you tools to create visual “dashboards” (cran; GitHub).